Elan Imperial 82: The Redefining of Gurugram’s Skyline through Elegance and Innovation

Elan Imperial 82 is set to change the look of Gurugram’s cityscape, emerging as a top lifestyle destination and a mixed-use project. The ambitious venture of Elan Group offers a unique mix of both hospitality and retail, offering a unique visitor experience. Its vision is far beyond expectations; Elan Imperial is poised to create a place that embodies elegance, sophistication, and cutting-edge innovation.

The heart of Elan Imperial 82 lies in its unique idea of merging retail with hospitality. Elan Imperial is a luxurious mall that brings together famous brands. It is also an international five-star hotel chain that provides guests with a luxurious and effortless experience. The stunning atrium adds to the splendour and welcomes guests with effortless elegance and luxury.

Created by the legendary architectural firm BENOY, Elan Imperial is an iconic masterpiece that seamlessly blends architecture and art. This innovative style ensures that each aspect of the construction exudes sophistication and elegance and makes it an iconic landmark in the city’s architectural scene.

Key Highlights of Elan Imperial 82

  • Imperial Retail Experience: Elan Imperial offers an exquisite retail experience that includes double-height shops that offer a large and luxurious shopping experience. The shopping areas are created to accommodate several world-renowned brands, offering the best shopping experience.
  • Double Height Outlets: Double-height outlets increase stores’ appeal and offer a luxurious shopping experience. The outlets are built for high-end retailers and create a luxurious retail experience.
  • Wide Frontage Unhindered: The project has an unhindered, broad frontage that ensures the highest visibility and accessibility to every retail outlet. This design feature is not just a way to enhance the aesthetic appearance but also improves the viability commercially of retail areas.
  • Ample Parking Space: Recognizing the value of convenience, Elan Imperial offers abundant parking spaces for guests. It provides a stress-free and enjoyable guest experience. Guests can have fun without having to worry about parking restrictions.
  • Absolute Top Security: Security is a top priority for the residents of Elan Imperial. Elan Imperial is equipped with top security features, ensuring security and safety for tenants and visitors alike. Security is a major factor in the atmosphere, allowing tenants to enjoy their time.
  • The State-of-the-Art Office Complex: In addition to the retail and hospitality, Elan Imperial includes a high-tech office building. The modern office space has been specifically designed to fulfil the requirements of modern businesses. It offers the most productive and efficient setting.

Strategic Location Advantages

The strategic location of Elan Imperial makes it more attractive. The location is close to important landmarks and vital infrastructure; it provides unmatched ease of access:

  • DLF Ultima: Just 1 minute away, it provides an easy way to access the most luxurious residences.
  • Vatika Township: Just a two-minute drive away, it offers the best commercial and residential area.
  • Miracles Apollo Cradle / Spectra Hospital is only 2 minutes away, and you will have the best health services.
  • DPS Sector 84 is located seven kilometres from the centre, offering an access point to one of the top educational institutions in the vicinity.
  • DLF Cyber Park (Upcoming) is only 10 minutes away and promises a thriving commercial and business atmosphere soon.


Thanks to its central location, Elan Imperial 82 ensures that everything you require is one step away. This makes Elan Imperial an ideal location for both leisure and business. Do not miss this chance. Call TrueAsset Consultancy now to book an appointment.


What unique concept does Elan Imperial 82 introduce?

Elan Imperial 82 introduces a unique concept that merges retail and hospitality. It offers an unbeatable and lavish customer experience.

Who is the architect who came up with Elan Imperial’s 82 design?

The famous architectural firm BENOY is the genius behind the classic masterpiece known as Elan Imperial.

What are some benefits of being in the area of Elan Imperial 82?

Elan Imperial 82  is close to key landmarks such as DLF Ultima, Vatika Township, Miracles Apollo Cradle / Spectra Hospital, DPS Sector 84 and the forthcoming DLF Cyber Park.