MCG to employ over 24 acres of its vacant urban land to construct residential, commercial, institution and infrastructural facilities, making this one of its most ambitious projects till date. According to the officials, this giant project is estimated to generate a revenue of Rs. 10,000 crores.

The civic body has about 918.70 acres of vacant land, of which 277.25 acres in Bajghera village are under legal dispute. Out of the remaining 641.45 acres, 224.77 acres fall in urban areas namely sectors 33, 35, 58, 61, 62, 65, 75, 102, 102A,103, 106, 108 and 109. The remaining 416.68 acres are agricultural land.

The significant projects schemed by MGC are hospitals, group housing societies, commercial complexes, women’s college, electric vehicle stations, shop-cum-office spaces and sports facilities etc.

The civic body has freshly sent a proposal to the state government for approbation. The same proposal has been sent by MCG’s planning department to the councillors of 35 wards so that more citizen-centric establishments can be developed and more suggestions can be amalgamated.

MCG’s Chief Town Planner, Madhusmita Moitra said that the purpose is not only development but also to create revenue for the civic body. The land might be encroached upon if its kept unengaged and unplanned, as a major portion of land has already been encroached. Sector wise planning has already been done for the urban area and that for agricultural area is in process.

According to the officials, parts of land have already been marked and blocked for development. The civic body will conduct a survey to test the plausibility of these projects on the ground. For example, for an area where a fuel refilling station is planned, it will have to be determined whether there is a demand for petrol pump or not.

In Sector 33, about 7.12 acres of land is available, out of which 1.85 acres are under encroachment, leaving behind 4.27 acres of land. In this area MCG plans to establish commercial shop-cum-office spaces which either be rented or sold to generate revenue for the civic body.

In Sector 35, the civic body is planning to build a veterinary hospital, multipurpose booths and roads, in the available area of 1.35 acres. Sector 58 also has 1.68 acres of empty land where a hospital measuring 1.5 acre will be built. The MCG has plans to construct a group of  housing society, an anganwadi play school and roads in Sector 61 with an available area of 11.1 acres. In the same fashion, a multilevel parking space is being planned to be built across 2.87 acres in Sector 62 and a nursing home on an area of 1,48 acres in Sector 65.

7.94 acres of land has been allocated to sports academy and other facilities to be built in Sector 75. An Indoor stadium on 1.25 planned in Sector 102. A CNG station, a petrol pump, an EV charging station, commercial shop-cum-office and a sports stadium are be built in Sector 102A on 22 acres of land available.

In Sector 106, a total of 34.65 acres of land on which MCG has planned to allot land under Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojna (DDJAY), and construct a working women’s hostel, a commercial complex, a high school with hostel facility, an Anganwadi play school.  Extension of existing cremation ground, parks and road will also be constructed.

Assistant town planner of MCG, Mr. Siddharth Sankalp said that accentuation of this project is to utilise the urban and agricultural land and construct open spaces and bring exuberance to the city life. MCG is looking for big investor who can conjoin to develop state-of-the-art facility like the City Zoo of Singapore or similar projects. The ambition is to be the first Municipal Corporation in India to construct such a project. Such huge developments are only feasible in Gurgaon given the numerous land parcels available.