AIPL-JOY DISTRICT 88: A New Benchmark in Commercial Real Estate

Advance India Projects Limited (AIPL) has earned its reputation as an industry leader in India with a broad selection of commercial, residential retail, and residential properties throughout the most important locations of Delhi NCR, Punjab, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. Over the last three decades, with a continuous determination to excellence and innovation, AIPL has continuously elevated the quality of development in real estate, which has earned the trust of more than the 80 largest multinationals as well as Indian businesses that reside in the landmark commercial developments located in Delhi NCR.

Key Features of AIPL-JOY 88 DISTRICT

Prime location 

AIPL-JOY DISTRICT 88 is prominently located at the Dwarka Expressway, one of the most sought-after routes within Gurgaon. This two-sided corner commercial property has been created to maximize access and visibility, making it the ideal location for those who want to be noticed and have ease of access.

Transit-Oriented Design: 

The development includes a G+3 transit-oriented development model that ensures uninterrupted connectivity and easy access. Its strategic location within a 150-meter-wide multi-utility corridor increases its value as it provides quick connections to major transportation hubs.

Accessibility to key destinations:

 AIPL-JOY District in Sector 88 is 10 minutes from the planned Diplomatic Enclave and Aero City, as well as a quick distance from the proposed metro station and ISBT. It is also connected with Southern Peripheral Road and Golf Course Extension Road through the Cloverleaf flyover along NH-8, ensuring a smooth ride between the sites.

Residential zones surround the project: 

The development is a thriving residential area home to more than 1 lakh families. Its proximity to many customers makes AIPL-JOY the ideal choice for companies seeking to access the ready market.

It is close to the major commercial hubs. 

It is just about 15 minutes away from Cyber City, Ambience Mall, and Golf Course Road, some of the most sought-after commercial hubs within Gurgaon. Furthermore, it’s located in close proximity to several other prominent developments like DLF, Bestech, Orris, SS Group, M3M-79, and Smart World-79, which adds value to the proposition.

Advantages of Investing in AIPL-JOY DISTRICT


The site is well-connected to major roadways and transportation hubs. The project is only 15 minutes’ drive from Sohna Road commercial property, 5 minutes’ drive from NH-8, Manesar, and 20-25 minutes’ drive from IGI Airport. The planned Global Smart City is only two minutes away, which is the area’s strategic value.

Modern Infrastructure: 

AIPLJOY DISTRICT has been designed to meet the requirements of today’s businesses. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities create the perfect environment for businesses to grow. The project’s layout will ensure optimal space usage, allowing companies to adapt their workspaces to their specific needs.


With the planned Diplomatic Enclave, Aero City Metro station, and Diplomatic Enclave, AIPL-JOY DISTRICT is set to be an upcoming commercial center. The strategic location, along with the modern facilities, makes it a desirable choice for those who want to be secure in future commercial real estate.

AIPL-JOY is more than an industrial project; it’s an innovative initiative that will redefine the business landscape in Gurgaon. Its strategic location, modern infrastructure, and exceptional connectivity offer companies the chance to set up within an area that is one of India’s top exciting commercial centres.

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What factors make AIPL-JOY DISTRICT an ideal business location? 

AIPLJOY DISTRICT’s top spot along the Dwarka Expressway, excellent connectivity with key residential and commercial zones makes it the ideal location for companies.

What is the AIPL-JOY District’s method of being linked to major transportation hubs? 

This project is near major roads, metro stations, and ISBT. This will ensure an uninterrupted connection to the most important destinations, such as IGI Airport.

What are the main benefits of investing in AIPL-JOY DISTRICT? 

The main advantages are the prime location, advanced infrastructure, high connectivity, and proximity to a huge population of residential customers.