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property in sector 108 gurgaon Every city wants to grow, but along the way, it has to give up some of its natural beauty. Because it gives them access to clean air and enables them to live healthy lives, people prefer to live in areas with many trees. A luxurious residential development called Sector 108 is located in the quiet Gurgaon area and spans 39 acres. This residential development is close to the Dwarka Expressway to guarantee that the fresh air from the outside flows into your room. The balconies in the two- and three-bedroom apartments are tastefully positioned so that residents can enjoy the view. Sector 108 Gurgaon offers a very high architectural design and construction standard put together with the skilful use of fine materials, lighting, cutting-edge security systems, and lifestyle services.


  • Property Type: This is an extravagant home development.
  • Location: The project is located in Gurgaon’s Sector 108.
  • Unit configuration: There are two and 3-bedroom options for the units.

Highlight of property in sector 108 gurgaon

  • There is more carpet in Sector 108 apartments because the walls are only 160 mm thick. Only four apartments are built per floor to provide more room for communal areas.
  • The main bedroom is typically located in the apartment’s corner for increased privacy in well-designed floor plans.
  • There are no shared walls between the apartments in this neighbourhood, nor are there shared entrances.
  • These apartments have living areas that are precisely the right size to encourage movement and maximise the space available for each activity. Therefore, the balconies are the perfect size and have views of the outside.
  • For the best possible ventilation, sliding doors and fixed large windows are provided in every apartment. The apartments in the towers have good lighting thanks to the continuous inflow of natural light and the space between them.
  • In Sector 108 of Gurgaon, two elegant oval-shaped clubhouses have a combined floor area of 40,000 square feet.

AMENITIES OFFERED AT property in sector 108 gurgaon

  • In Sector 108 of Gurgaon, there is an Olympic-sized swimming pool where your kids can enjoy themselves in a separate collection.
  • The residential property has many more amenities, like two contemporary, fully functional gyms with saunas.
  • A small arcade has been set up on the property to meet your daily needs.
  • Sector 108 contains a nearly life-size cricket ground with a 90-meter diameter, a professional pitch, a green outfield, and pavilion sit-outs. 
  • Libraries, carrom, social hubs, cafes, pool tables, and billiards tables are some recreational amenities Sector 108 Gurgaon provides.  
  • An indoor all-weather swimming pool is featured in this luxurious residential structure.
  • The best residential development for a seamless jogging experience includes a 3 m wide by 1 km long vehicle-free trail.
  • A full-size basketball court, three TT tables, three tennis courts, two indoor badminton courts, a squash court, a volleyball court, an ice rink, and two indoor badminton courts are among the more than 16 sports facilities available to the sports enthusiast.
  • With its lushly landscaped pool deck and more than half an acre of natural lakelet setting, Sector 108 enhances pool enjoyment.
  • Two multipurpose halls in Sector 108 of Gurgaon are available for your celebrations.
  • The opulent residential property has a top-notch studio for yoga, pilates, and aerobics to ensure your physical and mental well-being.


  • Gurgaon’s Sector 108 is located along the Dwarka Expressway.
  • IGI Airport and Dwarka can be reached by car within 20 minutes of the residential project.
  • You need to drive for 30 minutes to get to the Metro Hospital and Heart Institute, which are nearby.
  • Sector 108 Gurgaon is close to educational institutions like Shikshiyan and Gyananda School.
  • Sectors 106 and 107, which are both thought of as developed areas, are situated close to Sector 108.
  • Sector 108 is located in a desirable area of Gurgaon.

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