Non stop connectivity from Nelson Mandela Road in Vasant Kunj to NH-8 near Shiv Murti. This will be done by the country’s widest tunnel to be constructed by using tunnel boring machine. It will also corroborate seamless drive to Terminal 3 of Delhi Airport.

Bids will be done for this twin-tube tunnel by National Highway Authority of India by August. The total measure of this connectivity project will be of 5 km out which 4km will be built by the tunnel boring machine. Highlighting the features of the project, an NHAI official said that diameter of the tunnel when finished will be about 13.8 meters. It will be laced with advanced features like electro-mechanical, fire and safety systems. There will be twin tube configuration with both tubes having 3 lanes each. One tube will be used for up and the other for down traffic. At every 500 meters there will be cross passages and at every 750 meters there will be laybys.

The cost estimated for this project will be around Rs. 2000 crores with the project planned to be completed in 4 years.

This widest tunnel will end at the upcoming intersection at Shiv Murti on Delhi-Gurgaon Express.Mahindra Officials directed those moving towards Gurugram can take the left turn to join the expressway. Others can seamlessly continue to Dwarka Expressway to head towards Manesar or Chandigarh. In a similar way, vehicles heading towards T-3 can can head right from the intersection and reach the airport.

The traffic load on the Gurugram Expressway will reduce with the help of this project. The vehicles barely creak along the Gurugram Express during the peak hours. Mahipalpur Road will also decongest with this upcoming project.

The proposed tunnel passes through the posh locality of Western Green and across the Rangpuri Ridge. An official said that the construction of the project no land acquisition is required, hence no destruction to the farmhouse will be caused. This will save tress coming in between the highway from being cut.

The tunnel will pass through Southern Ridge and not go through the are embarked as protected area The connectivity will provide direct connection from Munrika and Vasant Vihar to Gurgaon Expressway and Dwarka Expressway.