The second stage of two opulent independent floor developments by Signature Global, India, is now open. The first is Signature Global City 37 D, which is situated in Sector 37 D, and the second is SG City 81, which is located in Sector 81, Gurugram.
The 20-acre, top-of-the-line Signature Global City 37 D project offers a world-class lifestyle, unmatched connections, conveniences, and comforts. A total of 536 apartments of 2 and 3 BHK independent floors are available in the project’s various towers. Price-wise, these independent floors are known for anything between Rs 82 lakhs to Rs 1.29 crore.signature-global-37d-night-image
The other independent floors project, SG City 81, spans approximately 12 acres and is surrounded by a lush green landscape. It offers top-notch amenities and the ideal balance of independence, security, and work-life balance. In the project’s second phase, 408 independent 2 and 3 BHK units are available. For these independent floors, price ranges start at Rs 89 lakh and go up to Rs 1.06 crore.

The remaining 50% of the units are now available to customers in both projects’ second phases. “As the effect of the pandemic has witnessed a paradigm shift, consumers’ daily needs have transformed,” said Pradeep Aggarwal, founder and chairman of Signature Global (India) Ltd., at this time.

“They now prefer open green spaces around their home and amenities in the area. The need for additional space was also driven by artistic work. We are trying to provide more modern and cutting-edge amenities on our independent floors in response to consumer demand.

In addition, the business is cautious about offering GREEN HOMES and open green spaces around the home for a higher quality of life. Adapting to a sustainable life is necessary, regardless of the pandemic or global warming.

We will be offering EDGE-certified Green Homes to residents through these independent levels, making it a goal to utilize as few natural resources as possible and apply green building techniques.” Aggarwal went on to say.



Architect Hafeez Contractor created both projects with an eye on aesthetics. The state housing DDJAY policy would be used to develop these independent floors. They would be redundant with EDGE certification (a global green certification provided by IFC, the finance arm of the World Bank), which offers a seamless range of configurations and a wide green belt with the added benefit of stilt parking for the residents. The residents benefit from a green and clean environment with top-notch facilities and security thanks to Edge Certification, which encourages resource-efficient savings. read our privacy policy