In the world, India is one of the most developing countries. India is developing at a very high speed through digitalization. The government is trying to digitalize each and every sector. Recently the government announced the Digital management of DDS land records. It is launched on Wednesday 12 October 2022 by Delhi LT Governor VK Saxena. LT Governor VK Saxena launched a web-based portal for the digital management of land records of the Delhi Development Authority DDA.

This web-based portal for the Digital management of land records will be very helpful and provide minimum human interference in such works. This portal of the Land management information system LMIS launched it is aimed at the efficiency and effectiveness of the management and protection of various land records under DDA.

This portal has various functional verticals of the land such as demolition modules, damage payee modules, land inventory, enforcement detection, etc. This will be very helpful and is our work. LT Governor VK Saxena also emphasized the need to complete the digitalization of land records and instructed the DDA to ensure zero human interfaces and intervention at the earliest. For citizens, the LMIS has also ensured online services where citizens can register online by themselves and assess damages changes by occupants and damage collection

  VK Saxena-image

This online web-based portal for the digital management of land records is also very helpful in disposing of various Land management department tasks very effectively the task such as maintenance of land inventory which falls under DDA land, file data (record room management), related land documents, management of Court cases, new land acquisition records, GIS module, and other important information related to land under DDA. The LMIS software will standardize the functioning of the M3M Route 65 property in Gurgaon department and make the entire system online so that it will be more effective and efficient for the citizens as well. For more standardized property regarding software, you should check out True Asset consultancy.